Freesia shawl knitting pattern

Freesia shawl knitting pattern

Hi guys!

For my first blog post out here I decided to write a little more about one of my latest designs - the Freesia shawl

I've been thinking about creating a knitted shawl in a simple design and yet with an intricate border for quite awhile. I guess I'm a bit tired of shawls that are "heavy" in different motives and patterns in one design and I wanted to create something simpler that I would enjoy making myself. So the Freesia shawl was born.

Freesia is a half circle shawl knitted top down. The body is knitted in one piece in garter stitch with 5 main lines for stitch increases. By the way, my first version of this shawl was knitted in stockinette stitch but later on I decided to switch to garter to have a better drape on body. If you are a confident knitter you can easily knit body in stockinette instead of garter stitch as all the increases doesn't change that way. Just purl on the wrong side instead of knit.

When the body is finished - border is knitted on and attached to the body as you go. It is actually pretty easy to do and doesn't require any specific knowledge except for how to "ssk", which I think you're familiar with. 

There are three "spots" in the attaching border that knitted differently (which I explain clearly in the pattern) to make border a bit rounded. This is an important moment and it's actually pretty easy to make if you read my explanation carefully :) 

Freesia shawl pattern has both written instructions on how to knit a shawl and a chart.There is also a scheme of the finished shawl with all the measurements for blocking.

So, if you are ready to knit this lovely Freesia shawl - here is the pattern! If you are a fellow Ravelry user please add your project to Ravelry projects so I could check your lovely creation ! 
Happy knitting!


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