About KGThreads

Hi! My name is Kate and I'm the creator and the owner of KGThreads.
I love to create things with my hands. My journey as a fiber artists began at age of 7, when I knitted my very first, quite ugly, scarf. Since then I just couldn't stop improving my techniques and looking for new ways of working with different fibers!

At this point I'm a professional in knitting, weaving and crochet. I love to create new designs and provide them with detailed patterns. Also I am fond of yarn dyeing and spinning.

All of my items are made by myself, without any help from aside. KGThreads is a small business, fully operated by one person - me. So I really doing my best to deliver top service to my customers, every single one of each is special for me.
I really think that if you do something for others (especially, if you sell those things you made) - you should know everything about it. As a knitter and weaver I love to get to know more about different types of yarn and fibers, their properties and abilities, which might be quite different form one to another. I don't think you can create something good, that will live a long life if you won't think about technical aspects of materials you use. So, even though making something handmade is all about craft and fantasy, I love that there is also technical side of this whole thing.

-- Kate G. 
Owner at KGThreads